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BELLA - New L-Curl - 6D Multi-Layered Effect
BELLA - New L-Curl - 6D Multi-Layered Effect
BELLA - New L-Curl - 6D Multi-Layered Effect
BELLA - New L-Curl - 6D Multi-Layered Effect
BELLA - New L-Curl - 6D Multi-Layered Effect
BELLA - New L-Curl - 6D Multi-Layered Effect
BELLA - New L-Curl - 6D Multi-Layered Effect
BELLA - New L-Curl - 6D Multi-Layered Effect
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Strip Lashes
Get ready to elevate your look with our new Bella lashes! Hand-crafted with a unique cat-eye and wispy design, these lashes are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any occasion. Their special L-curl design creates a natural yet captivating look, while the wispy and fluffy volume adds depth and dimension to your eyes. Made from soft and luxurious fibres, our Bella lashes are a cost-effective and cruelty-free alternative to eyelash extensions. Shop now and experience the beauty of Maia Lashes.
Its special L-Curl design is based on natural eyelashes, creating a natural but captivating look that will make your eyes pop. With its wispy and fluffy volume, the Bella lash will add depth and dimension to your eyes, giving you a glamorous cat-eye look that's sure to turn heads.

Made from advanced fibers that are as soft and luxurious as mink lashes, the Bella lash is a cost-effective and cruelty-free alternative to eyelash extensions. Its cotton lash band is thin, flexible, and comfortable, making it easy to apply and wear all day.

Experience the beauty of the Bella lash for yourself and elevate your look to new heights. Shop now and discover why Maia Lashes is the go-to destination for high-quality, natural-looking lashes, perfect for any glam occasion.

Key Features:

  • Super soft 6D multi-layered lashes
  • Lightweight everyday lashes
  • Finest quality faux mink, 100% vegan
  • Clear ultra flexible lash band
  • Suits all eye shapes
  • Special L-Curl Design
  • 100% cruelty free
  • Comfortable for all day wear
  • Reusable 25+times
  • Perfect for glam makeup
  • Hand made, easy to apply

STEP 1: MEASURE UP Measure your L-Curl lashes by holding it up against your lash line to find the most natural fit for your lashes.

STEP 2: TIME TO TRIM Trim the lash band to size using our lash scissors, making sure that you trim at the outer corner so that your lash stays in shape.

STEP 3: APPLY MAIA LASHES ADHESIVE Using Maia Lashes Adhesive, brush a thin layer of glue to the lash band and let it dry until it’s tacky. Add a little extra to the corners for even better hold.

STEP 4: APPLY LASHES Using our lash applicator or tweezers, pick up the lash and place on top of your own lashes, as close to the lash line as possible. Press down the corners gently to make sure they’re secure.

STEP 5: THE FINAL STEP Once the lash adhesive has dried and you’re happy with yourlash placement, brush them upwards using the comb on your lash applicator for the most natural lash look.

YOU’RE ALL SET! Your Maia Lashes are in place and you’re ready to go!

Free lash glue
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Strip Lashes

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Customer review - Maia Lashes look just like lash extensions
These actually look like lash extensions!

I’ve stopped getting my lashes done and I’m using these instead. Saves me a fortune...

Customer Review - Maia Lashes are the comfiest lashes ever!
Comfiest lashes ever

I hate it when I buy lashes and the band is really stiff and thick. These lashes weren’t like that at all. These are so comfy...

Customer Review - Maia Lashes were the perfect false lashes for my wedding day
Just heard of Maia Lashes... and WOW

I wore Maia Lashes for my wedding day and they looked perfect all day long. Loved the quality of the packaging as well...

Customer Review - Maia Lashes are easy to apply, comfy to wear and looked good
Easy to apply, comfy to wear and looked amazing. Game changers

I’m obsessed. The comfiest lashes I've worn - I had compliments all evening...

Why shop with Maia Lashes?
Patented Lash Technology

Created using patented lash technology for a flawless finish

Expert Design

Designed by expert makeup artists with 10+ years of lash experience

Lightweight Band

Lightweight lashes with an ultra-thin band for maximum comfort and minimum fuss

All Day Wear

Comfortable and long lasting all day wear

25+ Wears

Wear 25+ times for beautiful lashes every time

Cruelty Free

All of our products are cruelty free

Lash Extension Look

Designed to recreate the look of lash extensions without the maintenance or price tag


All of our lashes are handmade by eyelash experts

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Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We’re ready with the answers. Whether you want to know more about our lashes, care instructions or how to apply, we’ve got you covered with our FAQs.

All of our strip lashes include eyelash glue, but if you need to pick up some more we have plenty to choose from on our website. Shop All Glues & Tools.

Our lashes can be worn every day for 25+ wears as they're handcrafted and made from the finest quality faux mink or silk. As long as you apply, remove and store them correctly they stay looking beautiful for a month of continuous wear.

The type of lash style does depend on your eye shape, preferences and what lash appearance you’re trying to achieve: natural, wispy, dense, or dramatic. Please view our eye shape guide for more information.

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