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How To Pick False Eyelashes For Different Eye Shapes
How To Pick False Eyelashes For Different Eye Shapes

If you’re not sure about false eyelashes, or you’ve tried out some beginners lashes before and haven’t been keen with the results then it might be time to take a closer look at your eye shape. Some lash styles suit different eye shapes better than others and can give you that lift you’ve been looking for.

Let’s start out with how to work out what your eye shape is, along with the best false eyelashes to suit your eyes.

How do you know what lashes suit your eyes?

Knowing your eye shape is the first step to being able to choose the right lashes. It also depends on the occasion and your makeup look too - you might prefer a more natural look and something more dramatic when you’re heading out in full glam.

Sometimes the best way to work out your faves is by just trying on some different styles and experimenting with how you place them and what works for you. The way you apply and position your lashes can make a difference too, even for the same type of lashes.

You might already have an idea of the styles that look better on you, without really knowing why, or your lash tech might have given you some pointers on your eye shape and what suits your eyes the best.

What are the different eye shape lash styles?

For beautiful wedding lashes that last all day, half lashes and wispy lashes are perfect for creating a romantic, beautiful look that isn’t too full-on. Some people will want full glam for their wedding, which is totally up to the bride but for a softer look, gentle wispy lashes can strike the balance between looking great all day and still looking natural enough to fit with the rest of your bridal look. 

Want to know what lashes you should be wearing for your eye shape? We’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need to know to match up your eye shape with the best lashes for them.

Best lashes for almond eyes

Almond eyes usually have a visible crease in the lid and you can’t usually see any white above or below the iris (the coloured part of your eye). Most lashes suit this eye shape well, so the choice is yours. If you want to accentuate your almond eyes, then a pair of half lashes can emphasise their almond shape. Russian lashes and wispy lashes also look great with this eye shape.

Best lashes for round eyes

Round eyes will look round in shape and you might be able to see white around your iris. Go for a wispy lash with a cat eye or fox eye to elongate and lengthen your eyes. Curly Russian lashes also look great with this eye shape for a lifted look.

Best lashes for monolid eyes

Monolid eyes are more common in people with Asian heritage and mean that you can’t see a crease in the eyelid. Go for natural, everyday lashes that are on the shorter side to open up the eyes. You might want to add a little curl after they’ve been applied with our Flawless Precision Eyelash Curler.

Best lashes for close set eyes

Close set eyes are eyes that are closer together than usual, and often look a little smaller. Look for cat eye lashes and ¾ lashes to elongate your eye shape. Going for lashes that are a longer at the centre will help to open up your eyes if they’re close set too.

Best lashes for wide set eyes

Wide set eyes have a wide gap between both eyes. Longer lashes and glam lashes can open up the eyes and make them look less wide set. Criss-cross style lashes are great for wide set eyes too.

Best lashes for upturned eyes

Upturned eyes tend to be angled upwards, particularly at the corners. It’s the equivalent of a natural cat eye look. It’s no surprise that cat eye lashes look best to accentuate the upward tilt of the eyes and open up the eyes. Go for Russian lashes or dramatic lashes for this style to turn up the volume.

Best lashes for downturned eyes

Downturned eyes tend to tilt downwards at the outer corners of the eye,meaning your upper lid looks bigger. Half lashes and fox lash styles look best on downturned eyes. It’s all about placement too - there are some tricks that’ll help you change the way downturned eyes look, like applying the corners of your lashes slightly above your natural lash line.

Best lashes for deep set eyes

Deep set eyes sit further back in your brow bone than other eye shapes, meaning you can turn up the volume and drama. Go for longer, dramatic lashes to open up your eyes and make them look bigger. Curly lash styles like Russian lashes, or curling your eyes after application can help to open them up even more.

Best lashes for protruding eyes

Protruding eyes (also known as prominent eyes) are eyes that are more visible as they tend to sit on the outside area of the socket. They tend to look bigger and more doe-eyed than other types of eye shapes. Going for shorter, natural lashes rather than full glam or dramatic will help to enhance your eyes without making them look bigger.

Best lashes for protruding eyes

Hooded eyes are really common and mean how the fold of your eyelid hides some of your eyelid when it’s open. With both of these eye shapes you want to open up the eyes and make them look bigger. You might find that shorter, everyday lashes that are less dramatic look the best. You might also want lashes that are a little longer in the middle to add depth.

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