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5 Tools You Need To Apply False Lashes
5 Tools You Need To Apply False Lashes

If you’ve never quite got the hang of applying false lashes, it could be that you just need a little more practice or that you need to try some different lashes. You might also not be using the right eyelash tools to make applying your lashes a breeze.

Here are the 5 tools you need to apply false lashes:

• Lash curlers
• Lash scissors
• Tweezers
• Lash adhesive
• Lash applicators

Here’s everything you need to know on how to speed up your lash application using these essential tools to apply false lashes.

The eyelash tools you need for easy application

Ready to upgrade your lash application skills for good? Here are the top 5 eyelash tools that you need to add to your makeup bag:

Lash curlers

Lash curlers can help lift your lashes, making them easier to blend in with your false lashes for seamless application. It also means you’re less likely to want to apply makeup to your lashes afterwards, which can reduce the lifespan of your false lashes. You can use your curlers even when you’re not wearing anything on them to open up your eyes for a clean, natural look.

Lash scissors

Lash scissors are a total must for trimming your lashes down to the right width for your eye. This can be the difference between your lashes looking flawless, or being really obvious on your eye. Remember to measure your lash band against your eye and trim gradually. Don’t use the scissors while your lashes are on as you run the risk of damaging your natural lashes.


Tweezers are a great all-round tool to have in your makeup bag, but they can help with your lashes by making it easy for you to move your lashes around or remove them. They’re good for picking up your lashes or tidying up any stray hairs that need a finer touch.

Lash adhesive

You can’t really do false lashes without lash adhesive - but they’re not all the same, and using the right one will seriously help you with your lash application and staying power. Try the Advanced Lash Glue in Clear or Black Finish to keep your lashes in place. The trick for lash glue is to wait about 30-40 seconds for the glue to go tacky before you try to apply. Do it when it’s too wet and it won’t keep the lashes in place yet.

Lash applicators

Make your lash application struggles a thing of the past with the Effortless Precision Applicator. Lash applicators make it way easier to position your lashes in the right place without getting messy or having to use your hands. No more fuss or stressing out while you get covered in glue.

How long do false eyelashes last?

As long as you apply and remove them correctly, whilst storing them in the right way your lashes could last for as many as 25+ uses. Depending on how often you wear lashes, that could be a seriously long time. You can reuse false lashes as long as you take care of them properly.

How to remove false eyelashes

Removal is just as important as application when it comes to your false lashes. Start by gently lifting your lashes at the corner and pulling them away from your skin. As long as you haven’t applied them to your natural lash hairs, they should lift from your skin easily. If they’re on extra tight, a little oil-free makeup remover will help to do that final lift.

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