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How To Apply False Eyelashes
How To Apply False Eyelashes

False lashes can seem tricky to apply, but it’s usually down to a few things: getting the right false lash types to start with, following the right process to apply them and a little bit of practice. There’s no rule to whether you apply your lashes before or after your eye makeup, but most people add their lashes as a finishing touch.

How do you apply false lashes for a beginner?

Here’s the steps to take when you apply (more detail on them all further down) if you’re just starting out and need some tips, advice and guidance on how to apply false lashes:

1. Choose your fave false lash types

2. Measure up and trim

3. Apply adhesive

4. Apply your lashes

5. Final adjustments

6. Good to go

Choose your fave false lash types

Choose from your fave false lash types, whether you’re looking for everyday, glam, bridal, half lashes or something a little bit different. Remember to think about your eye shape, the type of makeup you’re going for and what you want the end result to look like. Choose a lash with a thin, flexible band and lightweight lash fibres to make sure your lashes are easy to apply and wear as long as you want.

Need some tips on the best false eyelashes for beginners? We’ve got you.

Measure up and trim

Hold your lash strip against your eye to find the most natural fit for your lashes. Trim off any excess from the outer corner using the Effortless Precision Scissors to keep your lash style in shape and the edge of your lash looking sharp and defined. Some people skip this step, and more often than not it’s the reason why their lashes just don’t seem to fit right.

Apply adhesive

Whether you’re using the Advanced Lash Glue or the Magic Liner , applying your adhesive is an essential, whatever false lash types you’re using.

Using our Advanced Lash Glue? Brush a thin layer of glue to the lash band and let it dry until it’s tacky. If you want to add a little extra to the corners for max security, you totally can.

Using our Magic Liner? Apply the Magic Liner from the inner to outer corner of your lash line (one at a time), just like you’d apply your normal eyeliner.

Apply your lashes

If you’re using our Advanced Lash Glue to apply your lashes, use our Effortless Precision Lash applicator or Effortless Precision Tweezers, pick up the lash and place on top of your own lashes, as close to the lash line as possible. Press down the corners gently to make sure they’re secure.

If you’re using our Magic Liner to do your thing and you’re wearing regular lashes then you should apply them when the liner is still wet.

Final adjustments

This is the time to make any adjustments and fix anything you’re not totally happy with. It’s ok if you need to remove them and pop them back into place. Once the lash adhesive has dried and you’re happy with your lash placement, brush your lashes upwards using the comb on your lash applicator for the most natural lash look.

You’re good to go with the rest of your makeup or getting ready for wherever you’re headed.

What tools do you need to apply false lashes?

Some people don’t use tools when they apply their lashes, and while the way you apply your lashes is totally up to you, using a lash applicator or tweezers to apply your lashes can make it way easier to get them in place with minimal fuss and mess. Lash scissors are a must when it comes to trimming your lashes, for a better fit and no rough edges.

How long do false lashes stay on?

While we can speak for every pair of lashes out there, we can say that our lashes can be worn comfortably all day and night, thanks to the way they’ve been designed with a flexible band and lightweight lash fibres.

You need to remove and reapply them daily rather than wearing them for days on end. If they’re applied, removed and stored correctly they can be worn more than 25 times before you need to pick up a new pair.

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