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How To Use Clear Mascara
How To Use Clear Mascara

Ever wondered what the point of clear mascara is? Let’s shed some light on how clear mascara can help you to get groomed, defined lashes that look natural and chic, as well as how else you can use this versatile makeup essential for the rest of your routine.

What is clear mascara?

Clear mascara is the same as your usual mascara except it’s colourless and won’t darken your lashes. Just like black, brown and coloured mascara you can get clear mascara to curl, lengthen or thicken your natural lashes.. It just won’t make them look any darker.

It’s an essential in your makeup bag or kit, especially if you’re looking for lighter makeup looks or a multipurpose product that you can use throughout your beauty routine. Clear mascara isn’t just for your lashes - you can use it on your hair, brows or your lashes.

What do you wear clear mascara for?

People usually wear clear mascara to get that no makeup look, but still look fresh, polished and finished. It’ll define, curl and hold your lashes in place without looking like you’re wearing makeup. If your lashes are already tinted, it means no more adding colour and making your lashes even darker. It also means that your mascara won’t run if it gets wet.

It can give a wet-look to your lashes that can give the impression of darker, groomed lashes. If you curl your lashes too, it can help you to hold the curl in place without the need to add colour or ruin any of the rest of your makeup.

Clear mascara isn’t just something to use instead of darker mascara either. You can also use it as a lash primer before you add lashes or a different mascara. Clear mascara can also be used as a brow gel to keep your eyebrows perfectly in place. You can even use it as a hair tamer to keep flyaway hairs and baby hairs slicked down.

Why is clear mascara better?

Clear mascara isn’t necessarily better or worse than other types of mascara, it’s just used for different things to mascara that comes with a pigment. It’s better if you want a natural, makeup free look but overall it’s a similar product to other types of mascara - other than the colour and the darkened lashes at the end.

It also works well for holidays and summer when you want to add the finishing touch to your makeup - whether that’s your lashes, brows or baby hairs - without worrying about it running when you hit the beach or the sun lounger.

Does clear mascara curl your lashes?

Clear mascara can curl your lashes as long as you use one that has a curling effect. Using one that’s for lengthening or volume won’t just automatically curl your lashes, though it will add a little lift and boost to them, holding them in place. If you curl your lashes before you apply clear mascara then it’ll help to hold that curl in place, even if you’re wearing no other makeup at all.

So in short: some clear mascaras will help to curl your lashes, but most of them will help you with lash definition and grooming even if they don’t curl them.

What does clear mascara look like on lashes?

Clear mascara makes the lashes look defined, neat and glossy. It adds a little extra polish, and depending on the type of mascara you use, it can help your lashes to curl or plump up your lashes. If you use a lash curler or you have a lash perm, then your clear mascara will help to keep that curl in place.

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