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What Are The Different Types Of Lashes?
What Are The Different Types Of Lashes?

If you love lashes, you’ll know that not all false lash types are created equally. There are lash extensions, strip lashes, cluster lashes and strip lashes to start with, and then there are different lash styles for each type. On top of that, there are treatments and products that you can pick up for your lashes too.

Need a guide to your fave false lash types? We’ve got it covered.

How do I know my lash type?

Natural lashes come in all sorts of different lengths, textures and colours. They can be long, short or somewhere in between. You can have naturally dark lashes, or light ones (and it’s up to you whether you tint them or not), they can be curly, straight, turned down or a mix - just like the rest of your hair. Some people have naturally full, thick and fluffy lashes whereas others have a thinner, wispier lash.

The best way to understand your own lashes is to take a look at them. Check out their length, texture, thickness and colour to decide on what you’re working with. This will help you to choose the right style for your false lashes.

What lash styles are there?

Let’s take a closer look at the lash styles that are out there to help you decide which are best for you, your eye shape and your makeup. We’re mainly talking lash extensions and strip lashes here. The main difference between the two is that lash extensions are usually applied in a salon and take hours for a full set, whereas strip lashes can be applied at home in minutes.

What are Russian lashes?

Russian lashes are a style of lash extension that’s full volume, dark and usually longer. They’re made using lash fans which means that several lightweight lashes are attached to each natural lash. Russian lashes can be expensive, time consuming and can damage your natural lashes. There’s a better alternative - our Russian Lashes look just like lash extensions but you can apply and remove them in minutes.

What are natural lashes?

Natural lashes are just what they sound like - a style of lash that looks just like your own lashes, but better. They’re usually shorter and less full than other styles like Russian lashes, so are great for wearing everyday or when you want a more lowkey look. Check out our Everyday Lashes for your most natural lashes that you can wear all day.

What are classic lashes?

Classic lashes are another style of lash extension that give a more natural look than fuller-volume styles like Russian lashes. With classic lashes, one lash extension is applied to each natural lash. They’re more common for everyday wear or weddings, and for people who just want longer lashes without adding extra fullness. For a classic lash look without the commitment, check out our range of Bridal Lashes.

What is a wispy lash?

Wispy lashes are fine, feathery and feature choppy, different lengths for a layered, textured look that isn’t full. It’s about long, fluffy length and a more romantic look. Wispy lashes can either be a style of lash extension that uses different lengths of lashes and curl, or it can be achieved by using a strip lash or even mascara. Take a look at our Wispy Lashes to get your choppy, textured lash style.

What are individual lashes?

Individual lashes are actually groups of lashes, sometimes also called cluster lashes, that are applied to the natural lashes to enhance them. They don’t last as long as lash extensions and they’re considered a temporary lash style, but they’re often way cheaper too. They’re great for a natural, undetectable look that’s subtle and customisable. Plus, they come in different lengths and curl styles so you can create your own look. Check out our Individual Lashes to get your perfect style.

What are half lashes?

For a more natural look, or if you have smaller eyes, half lashes are where it’s at. They have a shorter lash band and are normally placed from the centre to the outer corner of the eye for a subtle look. They’re commonly used to get cat eyes, siren eyes and fox eyes for an elongated lash look. Need some ¾ lashes in your life? Check out our Half Lashes for smaller eyes and subtle looks.

What are under lashes?

Under lashes - also known as bottom lashes - are a style of strip lashes that are worn on the lower lash line rather than the upper lash line. This is a little different to most other false lash types that are out there. They’re used to finish off and complete a makeup look, especially if you really want the eyes to stand out or you’re going for full glam. Take a look at our Under Lashes to choose your fave finishing style.

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